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Lipedema is a congenital connective tissue disorder that results in an abnormal growth of fibrotic fat.  Often misdiagnosed as obesity, lipedema fat is deposited disproportionately in the hips, legs, arms, and girdle area.  Lipedema fat can also grow in the scalp and breast. 


The fibrotic nodules ranges in size from small raisin like to large walnut size.  Lipedema fat impedes lymphatic function, with most patients experiencing swelling, pain, and discomfort


Lipedema affects 18% off women globally.  This means over 18 million women in the world have lipedema.


The fibrotic fat associated with lipedema does not go away with dieting and exercise.


Lipedema is a congenital fat disorder that almost exclusively affects women.


Most patients need an average of 3-4 surgeries to treat lipedema.  This involves liposuction, manual lymphatic drainage, and medical grade compression

Compression Leggings

Compression Pantyhose

Juzo Compression Wraps

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