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Nurse Helping a Patient


Lymphedema is swelling that happens when the lymphatic system fails to reabsorb fluid. 


This progressive disease is irreversible and can only be contained and managed with wearing medical grade compression, manual lymphatic drainage techniques, therapeutic exercises, and skin care to prevent infections.


Worldwide, over 300 million people are affected by lymphedema.


Lymphedema is often undiagnosed. 80% of patients who have lymphedema are unaware they are suffering from lymphedema.  


Lymphedema is considered an orphan because there is no international consensus on the diagnosis and treatment.


With no cure, lymphedema requires life long management with medical grade compression, therapeutic exercises, skin care to prevent infections, and manual lymphatic drainage techniques. For the patient, the average out of pocket cost to manage and care for lymphedema is $12,000/year,

Compression Garment Options

Compression Garment

(Over the counter selections)


Medical grade compression garment is necessary for the management of swelling for those suffering from lymphedema.  There are lots of different styles and compression levels to choose from.  Work with a licensed professional to assist in the selection process.

Compression Garment

(Customized Flat Knit Garment)


Swelling from lymphedema increases the size and girth of the affected area.  This creates a body part that is disproportionate to the rest of the body. This can make fitting into an over the counter compression garment difficult.  Therefore, customized garments can be an excellent option!


Customized compression garments are made specifically for the patient with the patient's exact measurements.  This method guarantees the perfect fit.

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