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Lipedema (post-surgical or non-surgical) compression garment selection assistance.

  • 15 min
  • 39.99 US dollars
  • Video Conference

Service Description

Post-surgery: Wearing medical grade compression garment is an essential aspect of recovery from lipedema surgery. Have questions about sizing and/or compression garment selection? Optimize your recovery with post surgical compression garment assistance by a leading expert in the industry. In this zoom consult, a licensed professional will answer pending questions you may have about compression garment and assist in post surgical garment selection. Non-surgical: Doctors recommend wearing medical grade compression garment as a conservative non-invasive treatment option for lipedema. While compression does not emulsify fibrotic fat, it can support the lymphatic system in re-absorption of fluid. By support the lymphatic system, the compression garment can reduce swelling and provide pain relief. More importantly, compression garment can help prevent progression of lipedema into lipolymphedema, a more chronic debilitating condition. In this zoom consult, the patient can talk to a licensed health care professional about compression garment selection. A compression expert will answer any questions you may have about sizing, donning, and duration of wearing.

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