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Compression Doc

The Best Virtual Care for Surgical Recovery

Selecting the right medical grade compression garment can be challenging. Compression Doc is the highest rated online consultant on nonsurgical and postsurgical medical grade compression.  To learn more, book a session with a licensed medical professional.

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About Us

Compression Doc is founded by Dr. Tina Tsan, an acupuncturist and certified Lymphedema therapist.  Her specialty in Lymphedema, Lipedema, and related lymphatic diseases provides invaluable knowledge into medical grade compression for non-operative and post-operative edema control.  She draws upon her 14 years of experience in working with hundreds of patients who undergone elective and/or reconstructive surgery.  Uncontrolled swelling is the top culprit for unwanted secondary skin changes; such as fibrosis, a thick skin with lumps and bumps.  Secondary skin changes can be easily avoided with wearing proper medical grade compression.  The compression garment selection, however, can be daunting for a patient.  The compression industry is not FDA regulated.  This dilemma allows products available on the market that are not useful to the patient.  With the help of our virtual compression specialist, we will demystify the compression garment selection and help you select compression that works, is tested for quality, and adheres to the highest standards. 

Our Compression Specialist

Tina holds a clinical doctorate degree in Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine with a focus on women's health.  Her specialty is in lymphedema and lymphatic diseases.  As a certified lymphedema and wound care therapist,  Tina has worked with thousands of patients recovering from surgery.

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